International Congress in Montpellier

Our achievements

Our achievements

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  • International Congress in Montpellier
  • International Congress in Montpellier
  • International Congress in Montpellier
  • International Congress in Montpellier


In April 2016, more than 600 people from 63 countries came to Montpellier for an extraordinary event!

Veterinarians of more than 60 nationalities were invited by an international company for 3 days.

Let’s meet in Montpellier!

Nothing better than meeting in downtown Montpellier to welcome so many guests!
The program included :
• Several scientific conferences
•  Workshops
•  Showrooms
•  Not to mention a Gala Dinner to finish this event

A trip around the world in a few days ...

Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and even Oceania ... people from the 5 continents were gathered for this occasion!
1.2.3 EVENTS was delighted to take care of each one of them as soon as they touched French soil.
This event was an opportunity for these veterinarians to discover the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

The whole team was thrilled to organize typical visits and excursions in order to leave them with a beautiful memory of their stay.

Some feedback :
"I can just say thank you for all your help, you are so easy to work with" Sweden Group

"Thanks Herve and 123event, you and your team are highly efficient and enthusiastic" Chinese Group

"Dear Herve and Team,
I would like to thank you all for the great arrangement in Montpellier and being a part of very successful Symposium yet again. Thank you for all your help once again” Indian Group

"Laure, I must thank you for your wonderful organization in any details. I am returning to my country with the feeling of best visit ever. Thank you also to great attitudes of organizers. Thank you :) " Kosovar Group

"Thank you for everything Laure. You were very helpful to us all!" Australian Group