1.2.3 Events and the “20,000 feet on Earth” project

Published : 2023-02-01

1.2.3 Events and the 20,000 feet on Earth project

1.2.3 Events is committed to Agroof as part of the “20,000 feet on Earth” project to support local agriculture using sustainable practices.

Agroforestry is an agricultural production system associated with trees and crops and/or animals, due to the many ecological services they produce: preservation of biodiversity, maintenance of water and soil quality, well-being animals, improving our landscapes, storing carbon, and adapting to climate change…

With this in mind, 1.2.3 Events is committed to the "20,000 feet on Earth" project to allow the connection of the actors of the territory, around common values, and in particular the preservation of our ecosystems and the development of responsible and sustainable agriculture.

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