How to organize a stress-free seminar?


How to organize a stress-free seminar?

1.2.3 EVENTS organizes training, cohesion, integration and management seminars in France or abroad. The objective: a quality service with zero stress.

Every client is unique, every seminar is unique

1.2.3 EVENTS takes into consideration the identity, the culture, the specific features and the budget of each client. The agency then offers appropriate location, activities and catering.
Depending on the client’s objectives, 1.2.3 EVENTS can lean toward a participative seminar or not.
1.2.3 EVENTS relies on the customer's specifications. They can be very precise as well as very vague : « out of the ordinary location and activities for 50 employees »
When the specifications are incomplete, 1.2.3 EVENTS helps the customer clarify them.
In order to keep a consistency, stick to the budget or think outside the box, 1.2.3 EVENTS sometimes offers other options than those indicated in the specifications.

Stress-free events

The client’s goal is to get away from the framework in order to inform or federate. 1.2.3 EVENTS’ goal is to make the stay of the participants as pleasant as possible: no logistical concern and a personal interlocutor.

Seminar in France or abroad ?

1.2.3 EVENTS offers relevant destination according to the company, the purpose of the meeting and the budgetary constraints. For 1.2.3 EVENTS, choosing a destination means sharing the authenticity of a country while ensuring the presence of competent providers available on site. The agency pays particular attention to transport, by selecting reliable service providers.