Green objective for the 1.2.3 Events team!

Published : 2023-02-24

Tree planting for the 1.2.3 Events team

Last week, part of the 1.2.3 Events team took part in a tree planting project as part of a local agroforestry project.

Strongly committed in terms of CSR and respect for the environment, 1.2.3 Events is committed as part of the "20,000 feet on Earth" project to sponsor the planting of several trees on an agroforestry project near Montpelier.

A few days ago, we were present on the construction site to contribute to this planting and we were able to take the opportunity to meet the farmers and breeders supported by the project. In total, this project represents 1,600 plants (trees and shrubs) spread over 5 hedges, which aim to improve biodiversity, promote animal well-being (improvement of pastures, shade, windbreaks, etc.), enrich depleted soils and vegetate the landscape.

Some examples of the many species planted: Black poplars, Paulownias elongata, White poplars, Oxyphyl ashes, Holm oaks, Large-leaved limes, Downy oaks, Montpellier maples, Pistachio terebinth, St Lucia cherry, Noble laurel, Service trees, Judas trees , Arbutus, Etrurian honeysuckle, Lavandin, Blood dogwood ….

We will be sure to check in a while that our baby plants have grown well!

To learn more about agroforestry and the “20,000 feet on Earth” project, go to this article: “1.2.3 Events and the “20,000 feet on Earth” project”


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