Organizing an inauguration : a special skill


Organizing an inauguration : a special skill

Inaugurating a place or opening it up for the public is a great opportunity for creativity. From a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony to a more special event, it is the perfect time to show some inventiveness.

Just like any other event, in order to make it a success, the visitor needs to feel special and the organization needs to be flawless.

1.2.3 EVENTS organized several inaugurations and open house events: inaugurations of wind farms, visits of industrial installations or high-risk sites ... These experiences have increased the agency’s consideration of the public and security.

1.2.3 EVENTS focuses on human contact more than ever:
• Welcoming and listening to the local population
• Integrating everyone : associations, neighbors, corporate world…
• Taking everyone in consideration by offering breaks for the elderly, fun activities for kids, easy access for disabled people…

Security requires several authorizations, but also a perfect protocole and flow management.