Giving meaning to the word event


Giving meaning to the word event

1.2.3 EVENTS is an agency specializing in business tourism. Every year, it organizes more than 100 events worldwide: congresses, symposia, conventions and conferences.

A service worthy of the event

Congresses, symposia, conventions and conferences imply meetings between experts and
high value-added events. The agency 1.2.3 EVENTS brings a high level of expertise on all of its services:
• managing the invitations: creation, mailings, reminders, registration
• welcoming participants
• managing the speakers, VIPs and exhibitors
• transportation
• accommodation
• catering
• signage
• exhibitions
• managing the service providers: hostesses, interpreters …
• search for sponsors
• managing the budget and grants

Worldwide destination management company

Congresses, symposia, conventions and conferences imply a wide range of different nationalities.
As a destination management company, 1.2.3 EVENTS has a large expertise in organizing international events. Congresses in Montpellier, symposia, conventions and conferences all over the world. The agency takes the particularities of each country into consideration, including certain eating habits: macrobiotic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan diet …

Congress, conference, symposium or convention?

As a place promoting an exchange between professionals, a congress gathers scientists, associations, institutions, public authorities and companies around a large or precise theme.
A conference promotes the confrontation of ideas, from a plenary session to side events.
As a debate between specialists, a symposium allows to share the results of research studies.
A convention brings together a line of business or the various subsidiaries of a company for an annual meeting or in order to share new perspectives.