Creating an event and ensuring peace of mind.


Creating an event and ensuring peace of mind.

A guaranteed peace of mind : Travel Agency License

Only a few event planning agencies hold a travel agency license. However, the law requires it to offer any services including transport or transfers.The license is granted according to strict requirements : several years of experience and a financial guarantee (200 000 euros).
What does this mean for the clients ? A guaranteed peace of mind and an event lived with serenity. The agency holds the license n°034100036.

What about sourcing?

Involving a special guest can add credit, power or glamor to an event. 1.2.3 EVENTS looks for different contributors in a wide variety of fields. Some great sportsmen, communicators, politicians, researchers or designers possess a rare charisma. They convey strong, effective, forward-looking messages.

A personal interlocutor

Every customer has a personal interlocutor from 1.2.3 EVENTS. A project manager is in charge of the client, from the brief to the event. A back-up person is ready to step in if they are absent, to guarantee fluidity and continuity to the customers.

A responsive team

An emergency? 1.2.3 EVENTS is with you the day of the event.
A question? 1.2.3 EVENTS responds to e-mails as soon as possible.
A call for tenders? 1.2.3 EVENTS sends a custom-made proposal as soon as it gets confirmation that the venue is available and within the deadlines imposed.

A total involvement

1.2.3 EVENTS is a flexible and participative team. Its involvement is measured by an around the clock availability on the day(s) of the event.

Flexibility and independence

Each manager works autonomously on their project, allowing flexibility and responsiveness.