Evenings and moments of exception


Evenings and moments of exception

Life in a company or institution is marked by highlights and unique moments. 1.2.3 EVENTS organizes corporate events, galas, graduations and other ceremonies that gather the participants.

Soirée : Time for prestige !

Inviting clients, creating a highlight during a seminar or congress, celebrating a key date or a success : they are multiple opportunities, but the moment must be remarkable.
1.2.3 EVENTS organizes these exceptional moments, from creating them to remembering them. In order to make these moments remarkable, 1.2.3 EVENTS shows taste and inventiveness: dinner in a Renaissance palace in Italy, festive picnic and night in an igloo in high mountains, evening in the desert with bivouac and musical awakening by local singers, evening in an aquarium …

Graduation : Time for tradition !

Being accepted into a prestigious school is a great first step. Graduating from it, is a success to remember. Major national schools call on 1.2.3 EVENTS’ services to turn this important moment into a tradition. Even though the Dean plays an official role, involving the students is also essential. Graduation is their special moment, they need to play a part in it, to fully appreciate it.

New Year ceremonies and Christmas trees

At the end or the beginning of the year, the New Year ceremony brings together a diverse audience around an elected person or a leading figure.
1.2.3 EVENTS helps communities or companies to organize a friendly event, from a year-end review to an outlook for the future. The Christmas Tree gives meaning and creates bonds in a more festive and family environment.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a concept of light or video projection on surfaces such as facades, buildings, monuments, objects ...

Ideal to give a touch of originality to your events!

1.2.3 EVENTS offers you to use video mapping for all your exceptional events: seminar, convention, gala evening, inauguration, product launch ...

In the form of wall projection or digital scenography, we offer you quality visual animation.

What to offer a beautiful show to all your employees or your customers !


Video mapping on a cathedral