Giving meaning to events and relationships.

Who are we ?

Giving meaning to events and relationships.

1.2.3 EVENTS is a team of professionals who share the same passion and business strategy.
On a daily basis and for every event, the team’s philosophy is reflected in concrete commitments.

Enhancing the event

1.2.3 EVENTS wants to astonish, amaze, move, and give meaning to the events in order to offer remarkable moments to its clients by :• Choosing a central theme that makes sense for the company
• Offering activities that will immerse the participants in the authenticity of a place, a culture or a community.
For 1.2.3 EVENTS, organizing an event means arousing people’s curiosity, pushing them into discovering new things and helping them grow.

Working in a spirit of partnership

1.2.3 EVENTS considers its relationship with its clients as a partnership.The role of an even planning agency is to offer shrewd advice when a company or an institution reached out to it.
This strategy explains customer loyalty : big companies have relied on 1.2.3 EVENTS since its creation and are still today part or its best references.
1.2.3 EVENTS also builds a partnership with its service providers to ensure long-term quality and a relationship built on mutual trust.

Prioritizing eco-responsible events

For 1.2.3 EVENTS, sustainable development and civic responsibility are not a fad but a way of life.Employees walk or cycle to work. Teleworking can be considered in order to reduce the impacts of transport.When organizing events, 1.2.3 EVENTS gives priority to local partners close to the selected locations.The agency chooses local distribution networks or even organic producers, according to the budget.