Incentive programs or how to surpass yourself


Incentive programs or how to surpass yourself

What is the best way to motivate collaborators or dealers and make them want to improve their performance, to surpass themselves? Surpassing yourself first!

1.2.3 EVENTS offers fun activities on a theme relevant to the initial seminar.

Before you discover any recommendations, 1.2.3 EVENTS suggests you fasten your seatbelt.

• A seminar in cabins with a rally in 2chevaux and insect tasting?
• Orienteering in the Moroccan desert with a makeshift bivouac?
• A Survivor-style challenge where personal and team efforts lead to a collective victory?
• A giant escape room in a Scottish castle, surrounded by ghosts and clues?

1.2.3 EVENTS recommends getting off the beaten track without ever forgetting strict organization, optimal security, discreet but tight management and budget compliance.

The agency makes fun go hand in hand with pragmatism