Event planning : more than a job, a true passion!

Who are we ?

Event planning : more than a job, a true passion!

Event projet managers with complementary profiles

Mme SAUNIER Isabelle
Isabelle SAUNIER
 ALLEON Cyrielle
Cyrielle ALLEON

The 1.2.3 EVENTS’ team offers a balance between autonomy and support, experience and fresh perspectives. The agency likes to work in close collaboration and good understanding

The team is solid and united. If there is any problem, the whole staff is ready to find solutions. We grow in a valuable balance between expertise and potential.

Isabelle and Hervé have several years of experience working for event planning agencies.

Isabelle, manager and founder of the agency, has a postgraduate degree in tourism as well as a training in art history. This solid foundation makes 1.2.3 EVENTS stand out by giving meaning to event planning.

Hervé has sharpened his pragmatism and his knowledge of foreign languages all around the world. His natural curiosity made him sensitive to cultural differences: an asset to manage international clients.

Laure, project manager, and Elodie, assistant project manager, both graduated in communication and tourism. Born in the fast-changing world of instant communication, they manage the online tools and bring a fresh perspective while offering relevant ideas and innovative solutions.